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About K. Rowland reels


´ve always been a do-it-yourself type of man. Making things myself is the way to get things exactly the way I want them. I had designed and made bamboo rods for some time when I bought a lathe to make customized reel seats. One day it occurred to me that I could start using my lathe for making reels also. I worked on the first reel for days – it wasn´t a masterpiece, but I didn´t give up and they started to get better and better.
Ville has been my fishing buddy for years. He and his family run a metal workshop close to where I live. They welcomed me to use their machinery to create sound prototypes. Ville got inspired by them and soon we started to work as a team. Ville is our company’s sense and that leaves me the man of sentiment. Making numerous salmon fly reels together we have found our combination works and we are dedicated to make quality reels. Our customers have given us excellent feedback. Our near future goal is to design trout reel models also.

We take pride in our designs and craftsmanship. It is very important to us that every reel leaving our workshop is a handmade masterpiece.

We have our feet on the ground and heads in the clouds.

- Either one of us -

Reels and Rods

Raven reels

We build two different fly reel models namely Raven 3/0 and Raven 4/0. We recommend shorter spey rods in line weights #7-9 for Raven 3/0 whereas Raven 4/0 is best accompanied by longer spey rods in line weights #9-11.


  • Outer diameter 98mm (3.86″)
  • Spool width 3/0: 30mm (1.18″) and 4/0: 40mm (1.57″)
  • Backing capacity 3/0: +200m (220yd) and 4/0: +250m (275yd)
  • 2x stainless steel thrust bearings in the drag system
  • 3x stainless steel ball bearings
  • S-handle made of stainless steel
  • Smooth and powerful cork drag with a pleasant click sound
  • Completely handmade in Finland
  • Made of high grade aluminum, stainless steel and titanium

Woodoo rods

Our Woodoo fly rod selection comprises three two handed models from 11′ to 13’6″ in length. Our rods come with two tip sections, one longer, one shorter making each one a versatile tool for variety of fishing conditions.


  • Two tip sections, one being 4″-5″ shorter and stiffer
  • Excellent lifting power
  • All models are 4-pc plus extra tip
  • Hand made stainless steel reel seat
  • Unlike many others, we use truly superb cork with no filling
  • Hard chrome snake rings
  • Matte blank and thread finish
  • Comes with aluminium rod tube
  • Rods can be customised per customer needs (handle shape, threading, signature)


  • Woodoo 11´/ 10´8″ #8-10 / Skagit 400 – 600gr Rod weight 220g, 2/4 action & fast
  • Woodoo 13´/ 12´7″ #7-9 / Skagit 400 – 600gr Rod weight 250g, 4/4 action & med fast/fast
  • Woodoo 13´6″/ 13`1″ #8-11 / Skagit 450 – 700gr Rod weight 265g, 3/4 action & med fast/fast

Product photos

Making of…

K. Rowland Raven 4/0 – handmade quality reel from Juuso Syrjä on Vimeo.

Our team

We're a small team of two enthusiastic salmon flyfishermen. We craft beautiful and functional fly reels and love what we do.

  • Our workshop address

    Vesalantie 8, 33960 Pirkkala, FINLAND

  • Write us at


  • Ville Korpi


  • Kevin Rowland


Contact us

For more information regarding our reels, feel free to contact us at the information above or fill out the form and we’ll get back to you!